2011 Royalty

2011 Johnstown Saddle Club Royalty

The Johnstown Saddle Club Royalty was represented by three great young ladies in 2011. Our 2011 Queen was Miss Corrina Vetter, our Attendant was Miss Jocelyn Thompson and our Princess was Miss Kahrena Thompson.

Thank you… Corrina, Jocelyn, and Kahrena for doing a wonderful job representing the Johnstown Saddle Club in 2011.


Meet our Current Royalty!

Corrina Vetter: 2011 JSC Queen

Hello! My name is Corrina Vetter. I am very excited to represent the Johnstown Saddle Club as the 2011 Queen. I am 15 years old and I’ve been riding horses for as long as I can remember! I do all styles of riding including English, Western, and Gymkhana, but barrel racing has to be my all time favorite! My horse’s name is Daizy and she’s a Quarter horse Appendix, but I call her my baby girl and my big Thoroughbred. I’m also training a Palomino Paint this year for showing, his name is Sunny. However, when I’m not in the saddle I like helping those who want to learn. I’m looking forward to a great year as Queen, meeting new people and having fun.

Jocelyn Thompson: 2011 JSC Attendant

Hello, my name is Jocelyn Thompson. I will be turning 13 in April. My horse’s name is Comet, he is 14 years old in June and he is a flea bitten gray Arabian. I do trail, jumping, western and English show and whatever we want, but my favorite is gymkhana, because its fast and I love to go fast! I am thrilled to be 2011 Attendant for Johnstown Saddle Club. I hope we have a great year and lots, and lots of fun. Hope to see you all there!

Kahrena Thompson: 2011 JSC Princess

Hi, my name is Kahrena Thompson, I ride a Thoroughbred, flea bitten gray mare named Miss M. I ride English, Western, and Gymkhana, but I love to jump. Although you may see me on a new horse this year. I am very happy to be princess this year! The reason I chose to try out for princess is because I knew everyone would be encouraging. I love sports mainly soccer and horseback riding. I will be turning 11 in August. We are going to have a great year and I encourage everyone to come out and have a fun time with your horse and family. I hope to see you all at the shows! God Bless !