2015 Royalty

2015 Royalty

IMG_1936Hey, my name is Cassidy and I am stoked to be the queen of Johnstown Saddle Club this year and represent us! I will be participating at the gymkhanas with my palomino, Cowboy. If you can’t find me at the barn then I’ll most likely be at a hockey game or on a snowboard. There’s also a chance I could just be in a quiet place practicing guitar. I hope to see you at the shows or gymkhanas and to have a good year, as will I.







I’m Erin Chandler, the 2015 Johnstown Saddle Club Princess. I’m looking forward to helping the club and helping out people. I mostly do Gymkhanas and Barrel Racing but it will be exciting coming to the Performance shows. I’m hoping to expand JSC by going to parades and telling the community about us! This is a great chance for the Royalty to connect more with the members and non members. I’m very excited for this year!





Pictures of the royalty by Tonyascapturedinspirations.com