Berthoud Days Parade 2022

As you all know the Berthoud Days Parade is coming up this Saturday June 4th, we need to know how many people plan on riding their horses vs riding in the truck or walking. We have only heard back from 2 people so far please let us know by Thursday so we know how many people to expect. Everyone will meet at Berthoud Elementary where the horse trailers need to park. Horses need to be there from 9 to 9:30, the parade starts at 11 AM. There are some new requirements for Equestrian groups listed below so we will need a few people to walk beside the horses and to scoop poop or we can be fined.   

1. No stallions.
2. Only one rider per horse.
3. Each rider (or group) must provide their own clean-up unit. Any entry without a clean-up unit will not be allowed on the parade route. By their participation, entrants agree to pay a $100.00 for failing to cleanup their animal wastes.
5. Equestrian entries are required to have side walkers during the parade.