2021 Royalty

Queen – Cambree Hall

Hi there! My name is Cambree Hall and I am excited to be representing Johnstown Saddle Club as the 2021 Queen. I am 16 years old and this is my third year in the saddle club. I have a paint named Velvet and we will be competing in the gymkhanas and performance shows this year. The gymkhanas are definitely my favorite. Hopefully we will also be able to participate in parades and community events this year. When I am not in the saddle you will most likely find me at the lake! I am so excited to see everyone at all of the events JSC will be hosting this year and hope to make some new friends! See you this summer!

Attendant Tayler Johnstone –

My name is Tayler Johnstone and I am the Johnstown Saddle Club attendant. I am 12 years old and I am a 7th grade student at Turner Middle School. I participate in English and Western disciplines and I have been riding since I was a baby. All gymkhana events are my favorite. I have been riding with Johnstown Saddle Club since I was 4 years old. Also, I have  participated in 4H for 5 years in the horse project for Sagebrush Riders. This year I started playing competitive softball for the Colorado Blazer and I enjoy first base and second base. I look forward to being the 2021 attendant for Johnstown Saddle Club!

Princess Sheridan McBee

Junior Royalty

Junior Queen – Addy Grilli –

My name is Addisyn Grilli I am the Jr. Queen for the Johnstown Saddle Club.  I am from Erie, Colorado. I like Johnstown Saddle Club because it helped me build up my courage and be more outgoing.  I’m ten years old and this is my third-year riding.  I am still learning new things all the time.  I love horses and riding, but they are a lot of work.  Riding teaches you to be calm and patient.  I like riding in all the disciplines especially reining and ranch riding/trail.  I have four horses and their names are Maybell, Leo, Mimi and, Jack.  Jack is good at reining and ranch riding.  Mimi is good at pleasure, showmanship and English.  Maybell and Leo are good at everything. Leo is still young, but he has a solid mind.  If you do not know what a solid mind is then I can tell you what it is. A solid mind is when a horse is calm and handles new situations well.  Also JSC is a great place to meet new people.  I met my best friend at JSC and now we are Jr. Royally together.  I hope to see you at Johnstown saddle club in the 2021 season.

Junior Princess – Stella Rajewski –

My name is Stella Rajewski. I am 9 years old and I am the Junior Princess of the Johnstown Saddle Club. Johnstown Saddle Club has shown me many virtues, such as loyalty and teamwork. I have had so much fun being the Junior Princess!  I am thankful for these wonderful opportunities, such as going to parades and volunteering at horse shows. 

I am very excited to ride my new horse, Jack.  We have been working extremely hard and I cannot wait to see how we do this year!

Since I joined JSC, I met my best friend Addi. We compete against each other but always support each other. 

I look forward to all our upcoming events and I am excited to represent this wonderful Club. 

Congratulations to the 2021 royalty! Our Queen Cambree Hall, Princess Sheridan McBee, Attendant Tayler Johnstone, Junior Queen Addy Grilli and Junior Princess Stella Rajewski.  We are excited for the 2021 season to show off these great girls! Special thanks to Paige Petrocco for coming out to the event and helping welcome in our new royalty!